COMPAKT – Products for Professionals

Compakt_Sealants_AdhesivesRainers Ltd. is pleased to offer its customers a brand COMPAKT®.

COMPAKT® is a brand designed and developed in accordance with the highest standards to meet the demand for building materials, interior design and market “DIY” with a wide range of high quality products.

The main categories of products are offered under the brand COMPAKT® are silicone, acrylic, bitumen and bitumen-butyl sealants, polyurethane foams and adhesives for professionals. The product portfolio is constantly expanding and is in direct contact with the increasingly sophisticated needs of specialized market.

With a focus on customer needs, COMPAKT® creates value by continuously providing professional and innovative solutions. The brand combines a wide range of products used in construction:

  • COMPAKT® foam with excellent adhesion to brick, concrete, wood, plaster, metal, glass, asbestos, polystyrene, PVC (except polyethylene and Teflon).
  • A variety of silicone, acrylic and other sealants for sealing joints and different surfaces.
  • COMPAKT® professional adhesives for hard and fast sticking of construction materials.

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